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3-Year Extended Product Warranty

3-Year Extended Product Warranty

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Expand your included 12-month product warranty to 3 years, for even more peace of mind. 

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Get to Know the Power Bank 2000

Power Anything, Anywhere.

With a huge 2000W output, you can power 99% of household and on-the-go devices.

  • Lights
    167 Hours

  • Phone
    159 Hours

  • Laptop
    34 Hours

  • TV
    17 Hours

  • WiFi
    62 Hours

  • Fridge
    26 Hours

  • Fan
    57 Hours

  • A/C Unit
    5 Hours

  • Microwave
    1.4 Hours

  • Camera
    108 Hours

  • Drone
    51 Hours

  • CPAP
    32 Hours

  • Space Heater
    60 Hours

  • Portable Fridge
    54 Hours

  • Electric Grill
    1.4 Hours

  • Coffee Maker
    1 Hour

Calculation Example: Assume power consumption of your device you want to use is 300W, working time will be:

1920Wh * 0.85 / 300W = 5.4hrs (roughly).

Run 16 Devices at Once

You don't have to worry about running out of ports. The Power Bank 2000 has room to power up to 16 devices simultaneously.

Safe, Durable, & Built to Last

The Power Bank 2000 is made to stand the test of time with Grade-A Lithium Iron Phosphate Cells, which are incredible efficient, losing less than 1% charge per year - and keeping 80% of their original capacity after 3,500 complete charge cycles.

The fine-tuned Battery Management System (BMS) keeps the unit cool, manages all in-and-out charging and airflow. The outer layer is cast in UL94V, flame-retardant, ABS plastic to provide added safety. All ports are covered with a high-grade, TPU protective cap - resilient to daily stretching and tearing.

  • Charging Type

    AC Charging; Solar Charging; Car Charging, Hybrid Charging

  • AC Output

    AC110V/60Hz Pure Sine Wave

  • PV Input

    12~18V-100W(Max). 32~95V--600W(Max)*2

  • Car Input

    DC 12~18V--100W (Max)

  • Adapter Input


  • Rated Power

    2000W (Peak Power 4000W)

  • DC Output

    12V Regulated Cigarette Lighter;
    12V(5.5mm) DC Socket*x2;
    USB-C: PD100W x 1;
    USB-C: 18W x 1;
    USB-A: 18W x 1;
    5V2A x 3;
    15W Wireless Charger

  • Charge Controller
    Three MPPT

    Product Dimension
    16.1x10x11.6in. (409x256x297mm)

    Net Weight
    48.5lbs (22Kg)


What devices can I run on the Power Bank 2000?

You can run any device with a consumption power of no more than 2,000 watts. However, inductive loads such as freezers, fridges, compressors, and motors require a much higher ability to start – approx. 3-7 times larger than its rated power.

How do I calculate running time?

The running time is calculated as Total Capacity (Wh) x 90% (depth of discharge) ÷ Consumption Power (W). For example, the Power Bank 2000 can run your 60W portable refrigerator:1920Wh x 90% ÷ 60W =28.8H. With two additional EB3000, it can run your fridge 121 hours continuously.

Does the battery have a built-in MPPT charge controller?

Yes, this battery equips three independent built-in MPPT charge controllers, each supporting PV of 32V-95V(Voc: open circuit voltage) charging up to 600W: 12~18V-100W(Max). 32~95V--600W(Max)*2. It greatly improved the charging efficiency and effectiveness.

How can I utilize the 1200W input capacity?

To utilize the 1200W input capacity, you can get an extra 600W AC charger. For solar panels, you can parallel three on each 5-pin aviation charging port. A combination of a 600W AC charger and 600W solar array can also provide a total of 1200W input.

Can I use my own solar panels with the Power Bank 2000?

Yes, this battery is compatible with most third-party solar panels on the market. Make sure that your solar panel/array has an operating voltage of 12V-95V: 12V~18V-100W(Max). 32V~95V--600W(Max)*2.